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Cappuccino Milk Stout

Cappuccino - chocolate and coffee milk stout 

A rich and decadent sweet stout.

Made using rich chocolate speciality malts, lactose and rolled oats for a sweet creamy and full malt body.

We then add huge amounts of coarsely ground Columbian and Rawandan coffee beans from our friendly neighbourhood roasters, Sample coffee.

Generous amounts of Tanzanian roasted cacao nibs from Zokoko 

And a healthy dose 100% pure fresh vanilla extract. 

The end result is a beautifully balanced sweet & creamy choc coffee milk stout with big choc coffee flavour and aroma with subtle hints of vanilla milk coming through on the finish. 

Malt- pale malt

Rolled oats 

Chocolate malt

Chocolate wheat


Adjuncts -

Sample Coffee beans (Columbian, Rawandan)

Zokoko Cacao nibs (Tanzania)

100% natural vanilla extract 

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