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No way Jose, Gose is a sour Gose beer in collaboration between Willie the Boatman and our friends at Los Agaves Mezcal.

We have really gone out there with this one. We have tried to get the base beer as Mexican and mezcal influenced as possible, with a huge base of flaked corn and smoked malt.

This comes through with a subtle smokiness and slight sweetness from the corn.

We added a smoked chilli salt and coriander seed to the boil to achieve that classic salt & pepper gose characteristics but with a twist, adding just a touch of smoke & spiciness that only dances on the back of your pallet for a few seconds before dissipating into the huge amount of tartness this sour achieves.

This leads way to the big hit of citrus!!

Huge and lavish additions of lime and grapefruit were added to the fermenter post fermentation to round this beer out into what one would think is a quite complex beer, Yet every element compliments the next, creating a well-balanced and super refreshing sour.

Oh, lets not forget about the actual Mezcal that we added throughout the whole brewing process for that little bit of extra body and abv.

An amazing food pairing with Mexican food, Chicken wings or anything spicy.

Why not even have a boilermaker alongside a neat Mezcal from Los Agaves …… I know we will be!!!

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