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People be Trifflin - Xmas Sour


'*Pre-order for 8/12/2021*


Its nearly xmas and there is always space at the table for some xmas trifle!!!!


We have put together a very special pastry sour to celebrate that time of the year when we can all be merry and share some tasty treats around the table with friends and family.


We have made this sour with large additions of oats in the mash and lactose in the boil to create a super creamy, sweet and decadent body while remaining tart and refreshing.

Massive additions of Strawberries, Raspberries and vanilla post fermentation give the beer a flavour and aroma of custard and jam, emulating that classic trifle desert that is the centrepiece of so many Australian Christmas dinner tables.

Just don`t be fighting over that last bit of trifle, there’s plenty to go around for everyone …..

One sip of this and you will be `Triflin` too!!!

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